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Bathroom tile ideas – When you decide to decorate or remodel your bathroom always you think of the furniture or in the shower or bathtub. But what tiles? In fact, the type and color of tile is one of the elements that provide greater visual effect in a bathroom, but often do not have them in mind. Furthermore, the material will facilitate a greater or lesser extent, the cleaning of the tiles back, so this decision should be thoroughly.

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First, you should decide what type of bathroom tile ideas you want. You can choose from ceramic, porcelain or stone, among other materials, but these are the most common. The ceramics are the most popular because they are cheaper, waterproof and easy to cut. Another good option is porcelain, as they are virtually impermeable and highly resistant to moisture, so if you have moisture problems this would be the best choice. On the other hand, natural stone tiles are very nice and give very careful touch to your bathroom design, but are more expensive and may be less resistant to moisture.

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Bathroom Tile Ideas GreySize: 1075 x 786

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You have to see how big are the bathroom tile ideas to choose the best suited according to your needs. The smaller the room, you should use smaller tiles. So, it gives the feeling of more space. The color of the tiles is certainly one of the aspects that most influence on the image of your bathroom. In a way, also it depends on the size of the room. Light colors create the feeling of more space, while dark opposite. You can also opt for brighter colors like orange, pistachio green or blue, or mix depending on the area of the bathroom (shower, sink, etc.). Combination of small black and white tiles give an appearance of bath book very original. However, if your bathroom has low ceilings placing tiles vertically to make them look higher and if the ceilings are high it is better horizontally to the space look wider.

If there is a classic color for your bathroom tile ideas that is the blue. Both the sky and the sea, through the bluish gray, turquoise or indigo, are colors that we associate with water, and therefore with our bathrooms. In addition, the tile in blue, born to color your pools.  So if you chose this combination, those nostalgic for the summer swims, you can enjoy the pool man atmosphere throughout the year.

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