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Contemporary office furniture – With little footage, the Contemporary Office is a corporate and multipurpose project with a lot of technology, aesthetic pleasant and comfortable. Daniele Guardini architect of the office Guardini Staccatos Architecture and Design says that the challenge was to transform a space of 54 m² in three environments. “We needed to insert in this footage the waiting rooms, and meeting rooms.”

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At the entrance you can see the three environments. The space is all integrated and demarcated by aluminum partitions closed with many glasses. Along one of the walls, contemporary office furniture ideas with an irregular blue bookcase integrate with every room.

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Architects sought to explore the latest in technology on contemporary office furniture. As the architect Adriano Staccatos reports, “The environment is all automated and can be accessed by the tablet. We control air conditioning, lighting, blinds, audio, video and ionization of glasses “.

One of the differentials is the ionized glass, able to remain transparent and integrate the spaces; or opaque, to maintain privacy. “All this with one touch,” says the architect. The distinctive height of the meeting table allows people to sit and stand in the same line of sight, merging the concept of a formal meeting with standing meeting, in which people join a meeting without having to sit down.


With contemporary style, dark and masculine colors such as black, gray and blue were prioritized. The walls are of burnt cement and on the floor, vinyl carpet in blanket. The footer in black was chosen to leave the environment more modern. In the conference room, the ceiling height is lower so that the MDF pergola on the partitions creates a more cozy effect.

“The contemporary office furniture attracts a lot of attention. In the meeting room, the high table and with adapted chairs allows a meeting in the mold of a more dynamic company “, comments Adriano.

The nine-meter blue bookcase, developed by the architects, with pointed and angular faces, runs through every office and helps to break some of the seriousness of the shades of black and gray. On the walls was used painting with effect of burnt cement; And on the back wall, a large panel with skylight.

“For lighting, the liner is high and unique in all environments, with indirect light from a tear in the plaster above the partitions. On the chair and meeting tables, linear pendants illuminate the work area”, Daniele Guardini.

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