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Massage therapy chair – In today’s hectic world, it is easy to get frustrated, exhausted and stressed. But if you have in your hands a healing touch, you can of ease tensions sootense muscles and nerves irregular, then you can make dreams reality relaxation a reality with a mobile massage service. You will drive to homes or offices, you can carry in your massage chair or table, relaxing oils, relaxing music, and give your customers 7 – to 20-minute treatments site. You can even – with permission of competent authorities – created on beach, in shopping centers and airports.

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Massage reduces stress, pain, anxiety and distress; improves circulation; and promotes relaxation. Massage therapy is also used for control of symptoms for some conditions, including depression and cancer. They have also been conducted to demonstrate benefits of massage therapy in palliative care. benefits of human touch are well known and well documented. However, massage is not for everyone. Certain conditions may be contraindications for massage, even a simple massage therapy chair. Importantly, massage can sometimes be contraindicated in different stages after an injury, but that does not mean that all massage is contraindicated.

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An important contraindication for a massage therapy chair is loss of skin integrity, if patient has a tear in skin, rash, bruise, burn, boil, ulcer, blister or pressure. A skin condition could be a sign of something worse. massage therapist must be very careful not to further damage skin, which may mean foregoing massage until area is completely healed. Still, massage therapist must be aware of any previous deep ulcers, such as skin never gets completely full tensile strength after cure. Massaging an inflamed area can cause irreparable damage, depending on type of injury. However, inflammation is a good example of a relative contraindication for massage, which means it is on some cases, but not all. Many massage therapists massage according to aid in proper modeling scars should be about three days after injury, when still some inflammation may occur.

It unnecessarily exposing himself to an infection is never a good idea. Also, massage hinders healing process of a patient with fever or infection. When body has a fever, try to isolate foreign body (usually virus). A chair massage increases circulation in body and hinders process. Massage therapy chair is not suitable for patients with diseases and disorders involving circulation, respiratory tract or bone problems. For example, massaging an area with a varicose vein blood clot or deep vein thrombosis could cause damage. Similarly, a patient with osteoporosis may not be able to handle a deep massage chair without suffering bone damage. Other examples include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, HIV and asthma. Consult a doctor before giving these patients a massage chair.

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