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Folding lawn chairs – Folding lawn chairs the wrong way can result in a swing or a break in the frame, which can make the chair useless. To determine how to fold your lawn chair, you must first determine what type of lawn chair it is. There are lawn chairs that are made to lie in the sun, which fold in two places. There are also two different kinds of lawn chairs designed to meet:. one with a square frame, and one with an X-shaped frame.

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X-shaped frame : Pull up on the metal hinges that are close to the center of the X formed in the front and back of the chair. This will allow your chair to fold. Hold the armrests on both sides of the chair. If the chair does not have armrests, so you can understand on each side of the seat.  Move each side of the folding lawn chairs seat in the middle at the same time. The sides must fold up and out as you do this.

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Square Frame Lawn Chair : Hold on tight to the lawn chair in front of the seat with one hand and the top of the back of the folding lawn chairs with the other.  Lift chair slightly off the ground to avoid resistance while folding chair. Move the upper back and the front part of the seat against each other. Do this until the chair is folded completely closed.

Sunbathing lawn chair : Take one of the short ends of the lawn chair and fold down the center of the chair.  Take the second short end of the lawn chair and fold down the center of the chair. Flip chair over and fold both feet down in the middle in the same way as you fold the ends of the folding lawn chairs.

Tips & Warnings : You should not force the lawn chairs to fold. If you feel that you have to force them to fold then check the chairs for the locks or handles that can keep the chairs from folding up. Lawn chairs can be done in many different ways, so your particular model may have additional locks and handles to be dealt with before folding lawn chairs.

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