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Sliding shower doors – When thinking about renovating or designing a room bathroom, there are many features that we must consider, such as price. Yes, the price and budget are important because the cost of a bathroom is you can get out of hand very quickly. The doors sliding glass for shower offer a convenient way and with style finished a bath or shower. Doors open sliding on a rail as the cabinet doors. This requires the installation of the rail and then the doors. Most come with rail and accessories to install them. Measure the width of the tub where will install the doors. Bookmark this measure in the door track with a grease pen. With the saw to cut it metalworking according to this measure.

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Sliding shower doors install the lane and hold in place with adhesive tape. Place the doorjamb on the rail, which is wider than the lane separate piece. Once secured in place, fat pen inserted through these accessories to make a mark around the tub. Drill mounting holes before removing the doorjamb and rail with a drill and a 3/16 inch. Use masonry drill for tiles and metal tubs plastic or fiberglass. Insert the plastic anchors into the hole and put them in place with a hammer. These should be provided with accessories.

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Place a bead of caulk along the installation area. Install the sliding shower doors track and jambs, fixing them with accessories. Use all the tools provided, including stops and washers. Measure and cut the jamb and rail to the top of the shower with the same method that you have installed the bottom. Assemble the glass doors mounting handles or towel bars in place. Mount the door panel with the screws provided with the same. Place first the inner door, lifting and fixing the rail on its rollers. Bar towels remain in the inside of the shower.

Install the outside door lifting and placing it on the rail. The sliding shower doors handle will be out of the shower. Install rail guides as indicated in the instructions. These are usually installed with a small metal screw or clip the rail base. Spend another layer of caulk along the jambs to complete the installation. Silicone gently scrapes the walls and the surface of the shower compartment. Fill the screw holes with silicone your gun. Clean the surface of the silicone points with a damp cloth to smooth each point. Let the silicone dry for 12 hours before using your shower.

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