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Patio fire pits – are outdoor accessories useful during both hot and cold weather. Fire pits are a focal point for gatherings and can also serve as an ad hock barbecue.  Fire pits need not be expensive to be effective. Turn your patio into an inviting space by constructing a simple fireplace. Find a spot on your patio fireplace that is away from any structures or trees. External corner works well to keep the flames away from walls and keep the smoke out of the house. Make sure that the fire is on a level field. Create barrier between the patio and fire pit. Have your local home center cut aluminum piece to the specified dimensions when you buy the plate. Add sheet on the terrace where the fireplace will be built.

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Make a patio fire pit; Build the base of the fireplace. Add a ring of bricks around the edges of the aluminum sheet with bricks take the formation of sun beams extending. Hold the edge of the aluminum visible on all sides. Make ends of the brick touch one another to form a tight circle. Place a layer of pea gravel in the middle of the bricks, so that it covers the inner circle to the top of the bricks. Construction another layer of bricks using the same pattern as the first layer. Add a layer of sand over the pea gravel to the top of the bricks. Top off the fireplace. Set grid of bricks. Use heavy-duty grille downward weight that keeps the blocks in place.

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Patio fire pit safety, a patio fireplace can add enjoyment to a pleasant evening outdoors. Be sure to follow some basic safety rules concerning the use of a patio fire pit to protect your family and your home. Do not place it under low-hanging trees because embers can catch the tree on fire. Do not place it on a wooden surface like a wooden patio or porch. The best area for a patio fireplace is concrete or brick. Do not use a patio fireplace indoors. The best type of patio fireplace has a screen that covers it to prevent burning large pieces of wood from popping out and cause a fire. Always have a working garden hose available in case something outside fireplace catches on fire. Do not use water on the fire itself. Pour the sand on a fire pit or use a fire extinguisher.

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