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Natural stone tiles – Natural stone offers a range of tiling options – from classic elegance of marble to the robust appearance of slate. Use on floors, countertops, walls, backsplashes, showers and fireplaces, natural stone ranging from durable and stain resistant porous and slightly soft. Choosing the best natural stone tile for every application depends on the look you are looking for along with the care and maintenance you are willing to invest. Natural stone offers a wide palette of colors including pink, cream, copper, green and gray, with the natural pattern that adds interest to any design.

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Probably the most popular natural stone tiles, granite is durable, versatile and affordable. A handy stain resistant stone is granite good for kitchen and bathroom, as well as foyers, patios, pool areas and fireplace surrounds. Granite offers a wide range of color choices, even grays, greens, creams, whites and blacks. Use the granite tiles for showers, back splashes, counter tops, fireplaces and floors throughout the home. It is also a good option for trim and accents to complement other stone tiles.

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Natural stone tiles marble is less durable and practical than granite, but it offers a classic look many insist. With its elegant grain contrasts with a range of basic colors, offers a rich marble look unmatched by other stones. Best used to add classic elegance to lower traffic areas of the home, marble is a soft stone that scratches and stains easily. Even a beautiful option for kitchens and bathrooms, extra care must be taken to prevent staining the marble tile counter tops and back splash.

Natural stone tiles, a durable natural stone, slate provides an earthy, robust look to home decor. Popular as accent or border tile, slate can also be used for larger surfaces, such as floors and walls. Although usually regarded as gray, slate comes in a variety of colors including green, gold, copper, black and creams. Its earthy color combinations create interest and texture to walls, floors, shower walls and fireplace surrounds. Travertine offers a creamy, classic look and is a popular stone choice. It offers a look that combines the attributes of marble and limestone, and can be finished to a polished shine, honed to a matte finish or brushed for a soft, textured look. It is a beautiful, low-maintenance natural stone tiles selections and can be used most anywhere in the home, including flooring, countertops, backsplashes and showers. It is a more porous than granite stone, however, and must be sealed periodically to prevent discoloration.

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