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Paint kitchen cabinets – While many choose to buy brand new doors for their kitchen, so there are still some who choose to paint the existing kitchen doors. The advantage of grinding the existing gates will be that all the doors fit, and therefore do not need to adapt new doors to existing cabinets. The disadvantage may be that it can be somewhat inconvenient to switch to new hinges, as there may well be changed on the dimensions or position of the hole in the paint kitchen cabinets door, which hinge must be installed in. Terms of price, it is not certain that it is much more expensive buying brand new doors, as it is not cheap to have spray painted their doors. Of course, you can paint the doors themselves, by either roller or spray, but the result is not comparable to a professional painter.

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Everything depends of course on what plans it has for its cuisine. If Kitchen renovation is just a temporary solution until you can afford a brand new kitchen, so it can be an excellent solution to paint the doors themselves, as it will be significantly nicer than the old worn kitchen. Alternatively, melamine paint kitchen cabinets are much like painting other kitchen cabinets. The major difference is the choice of paint. Specialty melamine paint and primer paints are available and can make a difference in the outcome of your project. These specialized coatings have a thicker consistency and are slightly sticky, so they can join melamine surface slightly better than conventional latex paint. Look for the supplies you need for your local home improvement and planning of the project will take a few days to allow for drying time.

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To do paint kitchen cabinets, remove the hardware, including hinges from the cabinets with a screwdriver. Sand the surface of the cabinets to be painted with fine sandpaper. Remove dirt and dust from sanding with clean cotton cloth. Apply a thin layer of melamine primer to the finish. Drying can take up to four hours. Sand the primer on the surface of the cabinets. Use a thin layer of melamine paint over the primer. Let it dry completely. Apply another thin layer of melamine paint over the first layer and let it dry. It may take a few days for the paint completely to heal, though it may be dry to the touch. Install hardware and hinges with the screwdriver. Replace the cabinet doors back to their original positions.

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