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Eames shell chair – Some were in greats shape and as you can see the two blue ones were pretty bad. Without reinventing the wheel I read up on the restoration processes via Internet. I pretty much followed most of the step but added a few of my owns. Make the jump to read the steps I took and see the end results. First step was to remove the old shock mounts.

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Some of the mounts were in OK shape but I decided if I was going to replace some eames shell chair, I would replace them all. A tip here would be NOT to pry up on the mount once you have the tools under the mount. If you pry up you could removes more fiberglass than you want to. The white shell was a perfect example, the old glue really held on to the fibers. Just continues to tap around the mounts until you are all the way through.

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While eames shell chair sanded, I keep the area wet using a spraying bottle and just a little dish soap. Always use something to cover your mouth and nose, you do not want to be breathing dust and fiberglass. After the glue was removed I then used a finer grit to finish up the areas. Next I spray down the shells to get rid of dust that had been left behind. I let them air dry for a days before the next step. To marks placements of the shocks mounts, I attached the mounts to the base and then placed the base on the flat spots where the mounts are supposed to go.

Now that all of the mounts were on, the eames shell chair needed to be cleaned and sanded. I read somewhere that Oxi Clean worked well on embedded dirt. I found a gel sprayed from Oxi Clean, I first prayed down the chairs and then spraying the chairs with the gels and let’s sit for a few minutes. I then used a fine sanding blocks and started to work the gel into the chair. I have to says that the combination of sanding and the Oxi Clean gel worked amazing, it really cleaned up the two blue chairs quite nice. On the other shell I just used a scrub sponges. After I was satisfied I rinsed them off really well and let’s them air dry for a couple of days.

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