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Black end table – You can easily build a shadow box end table from a small window and a few other wood supplies. If you can attach two pieces of wood together, you can build this simple and decorative project. You can find almost everything you need for this project at your local home store and assistants will cut wood strips for you if you ask. Fill your shadow box of memorabilia, stones and shells or images to create a one-of-a-kind end table for your home. Creating unusual and unique items for the home is the best part of the decor. Since most living rooms, end tables as part of their design make your own can be a fun and exciting things to do. Putting together a unique end table will take approximately an hour. If you choose to make it more decorative will take more time, but it is definitely worth the effort. Below are simple steps to follow to easily make an end table.

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Build a small black end table, Measure the circumference of the window to dimensions of each of the four 2-inch wooden strips. Decide how high you want your black end table. The standard height is 26 inches, but you should measure the height of your furniture you plan to pair with it and your personal preferences. Decorative table legs come in many different styles and sizes, just remember your shadow box will add to the height of 3 to 4 inches. Add the thickness of your window, plus 2 inches of the box frame, then subtract this number from the total height of your table to get the length of the legs you should buy.

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Wood strips and table legs by either priming and painting or staining, whichever you prefer. To reuse is an old window, sand before Refinish it to match the legs and wood strips. Build shadow box for your black end table by attaching wood strips along the edge of the window with small “L” bracket. Place the two brackets on each wooden strip 3 inches from the ends.

Insert the 1-inch-thick panel of wood strips with wood screws, straight through the corners and sides. Attach the legs to wood panels with wood glue and wood screws. Let the glue dry, and then stand the table upright. Cut the felt to fit the wooden boards inside the shadow box. Spray adhesive on to the wooden boards, and then press the felt in place. Attach the two hinges to one side of your window frame about 3 inches from each end. Secure the hinged window on the inside of the wood trim to create a cover for your small black end table.

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