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White leather sofa  – can be the foundation for a modern space or a traditional place. A contemporary space will focus on a more minimalist look. With cooler tones and with more modern combination of pressure and pure colors of whole textile and artwork and accessories. The more traditional option works well paired with lighter toned.Also maple furniture and a warm color palate through the fabrics, colors and accessories. A leather sofa is a large and dramatic piece of furniture. Whether you choose one in a darker and more masculine color or in a light and buttery shade. The leather tends to overwhelm the space, the first thing you look at in the room. The trick is to do leather work within the interior of the room as a whole.

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Opt for three light gray cool toned walls and accent wall in matte cherry if you feel inspired by contemporary. Alternatively, give the room texture with a fourth accent wall of wallpaper in a red damask style. In a traditional room, add cream colored (a warm cream tone) paint on the walls and a fourth wall warm blue, green or peach. You may want to add a fourth wallpaper accent wall in plaid, weave warm colors together or in a traditional floral. Both of these style options, traditional and modern, will work with your modern white leather sofa.

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White Leather Sofa SetSize: 1350 x 700

Furnish a contemporary space with a set of black, angular and simple end tables and a coffee table. In a traditional place, invest in darker wood stain to a nutmeg or cherry finish. An espresso brown can also work with a traditional style preferences and a white leather sectional sofa. White simple, yet elegant, the coffee and end tables work with both modern and contemporary style preferences and will also complement a beloved leather sofa white .

Accessorizing is to dress up a room and give the Polish. Show off you leather sofa  white in a modern room by adding candlesticks ceramic and stainless steel, vases and light fixtures. Brass, porcelain and gold-look candlesticks, vases and light fixtures will add a glow to your traditional living space. The lighting and light will ensure your white leather sofa is complemented by a soft, warm glow. Black and white framed artwork; colorful town shafts colorful abstract art will complement a white leather sofa in a room with modern tastes. Brass and gold-trimmed plate photo frames, along with rich oil paintings of country settings, will be perfect in a space that is more traditional preferences.

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