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Teak rocking chair – Rocking chair plan is essential for anyone who wants to build a rocking chair to relax and take life a little slower. Rocking chairs have been part of our culture for generations. They are a popular accessory for any deck or sun room; however, the robust external versions are perfect for sunbathing. You can purchase your rocking chair, but for the craftsman, construction only makes a little “more personal furniture.

Posted on December 4, 2017 Patio chairs

The first thing we need to do to get the template of the teak rocking chair, is to make a circle of 80 cm in circumference, to thereby prepare us mdf of that measure a little bigger, then help a small wood or MDF 3 mm for use with compass, we can do it with a compass, only has to be 80 cm, circumference, it is preferable to mark it with nail thus will make a draft, this will not disappear if we would a pencil, this could disappear, so in my case choose a nail, once this is done, we 80 cm circular, make the thickness of this, it would be 4 cm, also with nail, it is preferable to do this work on a flat table, so we will be very well.

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The important thing is that we achieve the circle, the circle must be done right in the middle of teak rocking chair that has to be square, to make this an x is x serve to make the template, the x I can do with a Reel, between crosses both, if you want you can do it with nail or pen, the important thing is that the line with this we would have the template already made noticeable, choose one, and then make the actual template, and this will be the main template, but we will make another to take the form of the full circle, we can do it in mdf or plywood, for this we must have mdf or plywood 3 mm to 5 mm have to have the size of the space that we have chosen as a template, since this same we must get her out there, because what we did is an x, of x have chosen one side, as they are 4 sides, only choose one, this one must of pearl as this in the other mdf mentioning them, we can do with the same technique, increasing only a small piece of mdf to the teak rocking chair environment.


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