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Upholstered swivel chairs – Fabric upholstered chairs add style and comfort to a room, if space is casual or formal. Wallpapering furniture is also an easy way to best coordinate your furniture to the room’s decor, or make outdated furniture look brand new. If you already have upholstered chairs and looking for a way to adapt them for the space, add some personal touches.

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Reclining upholstered chairs are usually well padded, with a comfortable armrest. Designed for comfort, the seats lean back and provide the user with a footrest. Many dining chairs are dressed solely on their sites, but they can also be upholstered. Since the dining room chairs are prone to spills, most have stain-resistant fabrics. Wingback chairs, which originated in the 1700s, has armrests and high back with “wings” on each side, designed to keep drafts out. Club chairs, which are traditionally used in the men’s clubs, were designed for a male frame. Traditionally dressed in leather or masculine fabrics are low back club chairs popular for its sleek, clean lines. Fully upholstered chaise lounges can be found in the bedroom or living room. Chaise lounges, designed to accommodate the legs, is actually closer to the length of a sofa but has ridges designed to support an individual. Upholstered swivel chairs used in offices and homes, allowing the user to rotate the chair without rising.

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Attach decorative ribbon or piping around the seam of the upholstered swivel chairs. This can be fixed by hand with needle and thread or easier with a bead of hot glue. Just line the area you want to cover with hot glue and gently pressing the trim in place. Use a contrasting color to add interest to the look of the chair. Paint or embroider a monogram of the chair. This will give your dining room chair a very custom look. Make a stencil with your chosen monogram, and then paint directly on the chair frame or fabric. Embroidering is a time consuming project, but this may be added to the fabric before stopping. Embroidered monogram is now available in stick-on or iron-on products at the craft store, too. Accent chair with pillows and cushions. If you want a simple and low budget fix to give the chair a more personalized look, a simple cushion or pillow do the trick. You can either make these pillows yourself or buy them from a store. For something unique, look in flea markets or antique stores for interesting decorative choice.

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