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Vinyl tile flooring – Due to the rapid development of technology, new floor covering, as the quality is much better than the usual tile or linoleum. Formerly one of the most stable was considered flooring or terracotta tiles, but now there are new types of coatings such as vinyl floor tiles. This alliance cured vinyl and stone dust, which comes with the addition of plasticizers. Incredibly durable alloy consisting of five layers of very durable. Above is the usual vinyl layer, followed by a protective layer. Then, in the middle of the tile layer is patterned, and then crushed stone and substrate. Standard tile size 457h457 mm and a total thickness of 2.1 mm.

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Durability is a huge problem in basements that are susceptible to flooding or moisture in general. Laminate floors are rather hard, when it comes to water damage, but even they cannot withstand moisture consistently all the time. vinyl tile flooring have no problems with moisture, so they make a better choice in wet basements. Laminate floors are resistant to dents and scratches as vinyl flooring has a tendency to tear, bulge, or kick. multilayer structure allows vinyl tile perfectly imitate any flooring: can resemble ceramic, cork, parquet and laminate, and even look like linoleum; high impact resistance: the coating is much stronger than the same ceramics, because the flexible material will not break on impact and will not sound as a hollow laminate with objects falling.

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Vinyl tile flooring is resistant to mechanical and chemical effects, particularly for the kitchen or bathroom. It can withstand greater permeability, so that the material can be used in supermarkets and offices, in places where it is continuously tested by thousands of people. If necessary, you can arrange the room in different tiles, mimicking the different areas, such as pottery and wood or parquet and ceramics in the same area.

Vinyl tile flooring is considered environmentally friendly material: Tile does not emit harmful substances. International certificates, which have a vinyl, confirm its complete security. Brightness and originality of the material. Unique and unique color tile will create a mouthwatering taste in any room, whether it is an office or a private house. While some might try to discourage you from doing it, you can safely and efficiently install vinyl tile over an existing vinyl floor. If the existing floor is bubbling up in areas and are relatively undamaged, to a proper sealant and primer can prepare your current floor covered with new adhesive vinyl tiles

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